Why seniors should spring onto the green

02 Aug 2021
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This Spring serves the perfect opportunity for a round of golf out on the green in the fresh outdoors here at Little Para Golf Course. This season we’re calling out to all seniors to get their golf gear on and participate in our Get into Golf Spring Seniors program! 

Join Little Para's Golf Australia Spring Seniors Program and discover the fantastic range of benefits this great sport has to offer, no matter your age or ability. You can find out more about the activities and events included in our Spring Seniors Program HERE.  

So, why should Seniors spring onto the green this season?  

As we come out of the colder months, Spring is a fantastic season to start something new or pick back up a favourite outdoor hobby or sport. Golf is particularly great sport for a range of ages and abilities. Read about some of the top benefits seniors can acquire from getting into golf. 

  • Social benefits – participating in a club sport like Golf provides many opportunities to connect with peers, form new acquaintances and reconnect with old friends. Whether you’re regularly tee-ing off together, running into each other at the club, or visiting on a casual basis, getting into golf is a great pathway for social interactions and events that will form the basis of many enjoyable times ahead. 
  • Physical health benefits – during a game of golf there are many incidental steps and movements involved. The accumulative amount of physical activity involved equates to a helpful dose of healthy exercise for your body and heart. Golf can help to improve seniors’ walking, standing and balance abilities, as well as grip strength. Golf also exercises cognitive processing through concentration, paying attention to the game and remembering. Vital for everyday functions, these skills are great to be practicing! 
  • Mental health benefits – alongside the social and physical benefits of playing golf, seniors can benefit from a resulting mental health boost encouraged by the positive, supportive club environment. Network support from peer club members, friendly golf instructors and staff all play a role in increasing the self-confidence of participants. Participating in regular golf sessions can also provide a sense of achievement, productivity and fulfilment, each important factors in enhancing quality of life. 

So, whether you’re already a devoted player, are a beginner, or a pro, our Spring Seniors Program is a wonderful chance to practice your skills, clock up some exercise and fresh air, and connect with like-minded peers in an enjoyable social setting. See for yourself how these great benefits can be transferred into everyday improvements for senior health and quality of life.   

Know someone who might like to give golf a go? Invite your senior friends, family and neighbours to join in. There’s nothing like a social boost of encouragement when trying a new sport or getting back into one. Get them involved and participate together. 

We look forward to seeing you on the green!  

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